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Ever since our establishment we at FILTO-S have been aware that the less we depend on external producers, the more flexible we will be as an organization. We knew that by manufacturing on our own the components necessary for our buildings, we would be more confident in the quality and more responsible to our clients. That is why in 1994 we purchased a land area on which the production base of Filto-S is located today.


In the next few years, driven by the ever higher requirements of Bulgarian and foreign customers, by the progress in the field of interior design, and by our incessant wish to develop, we established our own factory for interior doors and kitchen furnishing. Its construction started in 2008, as parallel to its building, we also focused on the formation of a team to perform internal and external corporate orders. Nowadays, the interior door and kitchen furnishing workshop HELLO HOME is fully functioning as our subsidiary.


15 years after we bought the land area on which our base is located, we produce various exterior and interior components, such as aluminum and PVC joinery, kitchens, doors, exterior and interior railings, staircases, steel load bearing and decorative components, wooden structures and details.