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When we created the company 25 years ago, dreams were our capital. We were always driven by inspiration and the belief that people need high-quality construction and modern architecture. The ideas of modern conditions changed every year and so did our approach and understanding. The constant introduction of innovative technologies and the high criteria of customers turned the construction business into one of the most dynamic and progressing industries. The challenges we faced, engineering, organizational or purely macroeconomic, gave us experience. They made us more resourceful, adaptive and motivated.


We believe that the construction business is a barometer for the status of the national and global economy. Macroeconomic conditions have always been and will always be a major factor for the success of our projects. At the same time, in the past 25 years, we proved that despite the changing and sometimes unfavorable conditions, when you have the idea, ambition and knowledge, nothing can prevent you from achieving your goal. We succeeded because we took small steps but never stopped going. We were right because we relied on high-quality construction for a more beautiful city. 



Mr. Filip Milanov and Mr. Lyubomir Gogishkov

directors of FILTO-S